Interview with Pedro Ribeiro – from Horseball to Working Equitation in Germany

The Portuguese are and will remain explorers. New worlds, new shores and new challenges, and Pedro Ribeiro from Alcobaça proves to us that this is already the case at a young age. This city, which is probably better known for its monastery, which is a UNESCO cultural heritage site, is also its birthplace. In 1996, at the age of 9, Pedro started riding in the local riding club and later jumping with his first horse, a cruzado mare Vikky, with which he had his first tournament successes. At the same time he taught young riders and horses in this discipline until he changed to Working Equitation at the age of about 20. Here he feels at home and changed not only his riding style but also his mare to a Lusitano stallion.
His path led him to Joao Lynce, Lusitano breeder in Santarém, where he stayed for about 7 years, trained young horses, looked after the stud and trained the horses on his own responsibility. And that should be his springboard to Germany.

With the growing demand for good Lusitanos in Germany Pedro Ribeiro came to the Chiemgau with a selection of horses for sale from Joao Lynce.
Since then you can meet him at tournaments, where he stands out for his performance, his fairness and his desire to learn.

Pedro, tell me about the horses you ride.

Imperador is a 5-year-old Lusitano gelding with a lot of veigablut, which I have been training for 2 years now. He is extremely intelligent, learns quickly and always gives his best, a typeful Lusitano. I started him and now presented him at 2 tournaments. He’s going to be a great horse.

Tio (Antiochus Interagro) also has a lot of veigablut and is with his 12 years a rather inexperienced show horse. He is shy, very sensitive and needs a rider he can trust. I also started introducing him at tournaments 2 years ago, so he doesn’t have that much experience. He always works with us, but the banners in the area often put a spoke in our wheel

I already know Fusáo AHP from Portugal. There I have already played Horseball successfully with this 7-year-old Cruzado gelding (Lusitano x English thoroughbred). He is a good boy, has a nice canter and we only started training 5 months ago, but are already starting in the Working Equitation. He is talented and docile and plays very fiercely with Imperador – it can’t stand a blanket. We should be looking for a sponsor for paddock blankets…

What is your riding philosophy?

To make the horse’s life easier. To give the horse and the person the pleasure of working together. My goal is to train the horses I ride so that EVERY rider can ride this horse afterwards, whether child or adult. My opinion is that the horse should be trained first and then the rider can learn from it.

What was the biggest challenge for you when you came to Germany?

The German language! I couldn’t speak a single word of German, just a little English. I still remember well that the dressage tasks had to be translated from German to English and then into Portuguese. Meanwhile I know at least the terms of Working Equitation, but I still have to improve my German.

How do you train here?

Nuno Avelar is my coach. Not only because we can speak Portuguese in the lessons, but because he has a unique way of teaching. I like the comparisons and examples of him. He does not change my riding style, but works with me on optimization. After a tournament, I feel comfortable whether I’ve won or lost. I just think about what I can improve and work on it with him again.

What are you teaching?

I work as a mobile trainer, offer horse riding, training of riders of all classes and tournament preparation for working equitation and dressage. Furthermore I offer courses for braiding mane and tail – this doesn’t be offered that often.

You start next weekend at the Max Benz Cup in Baldham. What do you expect?

I just want to get through. This is the first Masterclass tournament for the horse and me. We’re taking a big risk, but…
No risk – no fun. In the end it was a training and an attempt. Of course I am very proud to start for Portugal.

Who do you want to thank?

Special thanks to Lisa Cosgrove and Tom Spinner. For supporting me so wonderfully and making their 3 horses available to me with confidence. It gives me great pleasure to work for them.


Thank you very much for the interview. WEN keeps their fingers crossed for the coming 2018 season and I think we will see and hear a lot more from Pedro Ribeiro.



Contact (english)
Mobil: 0151 57932906


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