Interview with Mihai Maldea – the 7. cadre Rider introduces himself!

Mihai and Benjamim – Two on the way to number 1?

Mihai Maldea is a name known in the scene. The likeable, always controlled man always knows how to create a sensation on the tournament ground. His penchant for perfectionism makes his rides unforgettable. Always exploring his and his horse’s limits, he unleashes temperament and skill in the Speedtrail. No matter if show riding or dressage or trail – he always cuts a good figure.

WEN thanks Mihai Maldea for the interview and keeps her fingers crossed for decision 2018!


Your name?
Mihai Maldea

When were you born?

What does a perfect day look like to you?
A perfect day is when my day ends the way I planned it

Who would you like to say THANK YOU to?
I would like to thank my wife Corinna, my trainer Ulrike Kick, my friend Alex Fleissner and all those who make the whole tournament season possible

What is your greatest strength?
My greatest strength is to be patient

What is your most negative trait?
My penchant for perfection

What do you absolutely dislike?

Name of the horse?
Benjamim de Caniceira

Its breed?

Some words about character, merits, bad habits?
Benjamim is a very fine horse with a lot of charisma around which he knows. He is an absolute fighter with a great character, you can’t say bad things like that now and then he’s a little jealous because he always wants to be the No. 1

What is your professional career/level of education?
Starting from stuntman to horse trainer, rider with different insignia, show rider, competition rider...

Your riding philosophy?
Try to ride the horse as fine as possible without disturbing it in any way

About your training with Nuno Avelar?
My training so far has been ok

Do you have current projects or plans for the near future?
I would like to become World and European Champion

Why will Germany win?
Germany was already 2nd and 3rd place and now the 1st place is missing! In addition, the riders of the German squad are all disciplined enough to achieve this goal

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