Interview with Brahim Brinkhaus – the last cadre rider introduce himself!

Man-Power from the north meets Portuguese temperament – Brahim and Violino

Nothing about „cool north“ – this team really heats up every tournament. Successful rides, a lot of speed and talent distinguish these two. Whether Zauberwald, Kaiserslautern or Neu Anspach – they are an eye-catcher.
We are already looking forward to their performance – one can remain curious.

WEN keeps its fingers crossed for the rider and wishes good luck for the decision!


Your name?
Brahim Brinkhaus

When were you born?

What does a perfect day look like for you?
When the sun shines on Sundays and one(s) can ride out comfortably after breakfast

Who do you want to say THANK YOU?
I say THANK YOU to my girlfriend Linda! – because she supports me so super

What is your greatest strength?
Consistency, endurance and patience

What is your most negative trait?
Sometimes I’m too pessimistic

What do you absolutely not like?
When people are arrogant and selfish

Name of the horse?

Lusitano, 16 Years

Some words about character, merits, bad habits?
Violino is totally playful and greedy – according to the motto „You are not YOU when you are hungry“.

What is your professional career/level of training?
I started as a groom, went on with show riding up to work as a blacksmith.

Your riding philosophy?
To become in harmony one with the horse. With feeling for the strengths and weaknesses of each individual horse.

About your training with Nuno Avelar?
He doesn’t want to change us, he wants to optimize us. His examples with cars make the training understandable and amusing. He’s definitely got us somewhere.

Do you have current projects or plans for the near future?
Passing on my years of experience keep dealing with horses and teach horse riding.

Why will Germany win?
Because WE can do it!!


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