Interview with Anne Burk- the third cadre Rider introduces himself!

Joy of riding has a name – Anne Burk!

With refreshing curiosity and optimism, this eventing rider is now also starting her career in working equitation. Much underestimated but casually on the road to success in the squad of the German national team, this rider distinguishes herself through consistent work. To the delight of the spectators and perhaps to the delight of Germany.
WEN wishes good luck for 2018 and keep your fingers crossed!


What is your Name?
Anne Burk

When were you born?
I was born 1979 in Geldern and spent my first 10 years in Weeze, a small place close to the Dutch border. At the age of four I met Bobby a typical obstinate funny bright white Shetland pony gelding. Since that day I was infected by the horse virus. With Bobby I had my first start at a competition at the age of 6.

What is a perfect daily routine to you?
I never experience daily routine! My two Kids (4 and 6 years old) and our 4 horses make every day being an unpredictable adventure. Life is like a box of chocolate, you never know what you’re gonna get. LOL

To whom would you like to say THANK YOU?
First of all my family!! My wonderful kids who are so patient and willing to accompany me wherever I have to go for training. My husband who is supporting me mentally as well as financially. A great friend who believes in me and is always there whenever I need her. Last but not least our trainer Nuno. Without him I wouldn’t have had the courage to make my debut in working equitation in masterclass level with Larius that soon.

What do you consider to be your best skill?
I guess my patience and my childlike curiosity. When I was younger a wise person once said to me “never loose the child in you”. The best advice I ever got!

What is your most negative trait?
My self-doubt! I sometimes admire people with healthy self-confidence, who just act without worrying about any possible failure.

What do you absolutely dislike?
Enviousness and jealousy!! Unfortunately many people cannot eliminate those horrible characteristics.

Name your Horse?
Larius – the one and only

Its breed?
He is a German warmblood gelding with Holsteiner roots.
Sire:  ‘Lim’ – ‘Limbus’ – ‘Landgraf I’ – ‘Ladykiller xx’ x ‘Gardeulan I’ – ‘Gotthard’ x ‘Furioso II’
Dam: ‘Landego’ – ‘Landgraf’ – ‘Ladykiller xx’ x ‘Fantus’ x ‘Farnese’

Some words about its character, Advantages, bad habits?
Cool, reliable, all-round, always willing to do best and BALANCED. Unfortunately his balance is often criticised by missing energy and impulsion, something that makes me feel very sad because this is what I love most!

What is your professional career / educational level?
I graduated at university in political science and economics and worked several years as a marketing and quality associate. Besides that I made my riding instructor exam in 2010, own a DOSB licence since 2011 and give lessons since then. During my riding career I have attended eventing, jumping and dressage sports till M-level and had my first contact with working equitation in summer 2016.

Your Philosophie in Horse riding?
Your horse is your best teacher. Be strict but always listen to your horse. Respect and trust it as it should respect and trust you. Once you speak the same language you can become one! (smile)

 Your thoughts about your Training with Nuno Avelar?
Nuno is a perceptive but asking trainer. He has great expertise and a lot of experience. Training with him is huge benefit for me. I like most his ability of developing a strategy that is best and especially good for the horse in cooperation with his student. He is not just commanding issues. It feels very good being trained by someone that is listening because usually the rider knows his horse best.

Do you have any actual Projects or Plans for the near future?
First of all I am mummy with heart and soul. There is not much time left. For the near future I will concentrate myself on training for the world championships. Only future knows whether I will be one of the chosen ones but I will do my very best to be prepared. This is a once in a lifetime chance for me. However the year has some exciting clinics, shows and competitions on its program. As usually things in my life are not going according to plan there will be some surprises waiting for me. (Hahaha…)

Why makes the German National Team the winning team?
Our team has a varying horsemanship history. We unite the characteristics of many different equitation disciplines and educational methods. Our horses of different breeds are also trained very individually. Once the ideal combination is set, there might be one or the other ace on hold. May the best win!

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