Interview with Hannah Gelczinnus – the 9th and last but one Cadre Rider introduce himself!

Hannah Gelczinnus – FN Dressage – Glittering front belt in Apassionata – Team Working Equitation –
it can’t get any more different!

This young rider, who is still young in the scene, wants to go high – and rightly so – because she convinces with a high degree of self-discipline and a good portion of passion for riding. Young – but not green!

WEN is keeping her fingers crossed for the rider and wishes her good luck for the selection!


Your name?
Hannah Gelczinnus

When were you born?

What does a perfect day look like to you?
On a perfect day….
…. all the horses welcome me in the morning, healthy and alert
… I have plenty of time for each and every one and after the training enough time for personal prime time.
…. I come up with new ideas myself, gain new insights through other new discoveries or finally find THE solution
… I look at the evening treats round in loudly contented eyes
Most of the time it doesn’t all work out, but something good happens every day.

Who would you like to say THANK YOU to?
My boss Simone Lienert, who confides in me all her loved ones and makes me more able with the horses than anyone else.
Our trainer Nuno, who expands my horizon with every lesson – read more below.
My mother, because it can’t be easy to help a horse virus infected person with any crazy idea.

What is your greatest strength?
Perfectionism, strength of nerves, tireless in pursuing my goals, knowing that there will always be a new goal.

What is your most negative trait?
Probably also sometimes perfectionism and a little bit of stubbornness

What do you absolutely dislike?
Lack of willingness to think outside the box
liver sausage

Name of the horse?
Hosco de la Luz

Its breed?
Pura Raza Española

Some words about character, merits, bad habits?
Hosco is very easy to describe in five words:“Once in a lifetime horse“.
Again and again he impresses me with his complexity. For him, it is no problem to turn his pirouettes on a show at the long reins within a few weeks, to compete against warm-blooded horses in a class S** dressage test and to complete a clean trail lap shortly afterwards.
He has all his crazy moments and those not too few, but actually I could get rid of the habit of saying that, because nobody believes us anyway, because he always delivers in front of an audience.

What is your professional career/level of education?
I am a professional rider, have come from the normal FN dressage sport to show riding at Apassionata, have discovered the love for Iberian horses there and have been working at the Caballos de la Luz stud farm in Mülheim an der Ruhr for almost three years now.

Your riding philosophy?
The most important thing in my horse training is to preserve the special character of each horse. When a horse learns a lesson, it is important to find out in which way and with which assistance it can best perform it due to its physical constitution, because only then can it achieve its personal best performance. The biggest mistake for me is trying to „squeeze“ it into a form that is not his own. For my own training as a rider, I have always tried to learn as much as possible from others and try many things. Anything that turns out to be good and useful, I take over in my own style and leave everything else to the others.

About your training with Nuno Avelar?
Training with Nuno is an enrichment for me in every respect. He is a horse man through and through with an insane empathy for horse AND rider. He always stays within the physical possibilities of each horse and reminds me to reward every little bit of progress, so that the horses never lose their fun at work. For him, there is no „Scheme F“in which he tries to force the horses into – rather, he tries to teach me all the possibilities of how I can react in certain situations, so that in daily training I don’t get stuck on my own, but instead have an individual „ace in the sleeve“ for each horse, depending on my feelings.

Do you have current projects or plans for the near future?
As a career changer in the worker scene, I will first concentrate on the fact that soon no difference to the old hands can be seen – in extreme emergencies I would even take off the glittering front belt.

Why will Germany win?
At the moment, the entire squad of 11 horse-rider pairs is regularly trained, so that not only the performance of a handful of riders grows, but the whole team is strong at the end. Those who are in the best form at the time of the decision will be represented by the German workers. This can only go well!


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