Interview with Gernot Weber – The 8. cadre Rider introduces himself!

Gernot Weber – firmly in the saddle on the way to a decision!

When profession and vocation come together, life becomes worth living! Gernot Weber has found the way and enriched the scene with his rides, as well as his expert knowledge of saddles, horseback to the hoof.
Only one thing gets this likeable man upset – if he has to wait for the „sweetness of life“ – priorities have to be set!

WEN is very happy about the open interview of Gernot Weber and has his fingers crossed for the decision 2018!

Your name?
Gernot Weber

When were you born?

What does a perfect day look like to you?
The perfect day starts with a honey bread for breakfast. Afterwards I drive to my customers or to the workshop. After the work is done, go to my horse, do some tasks on the farm on my wheel loader and dedicate myself to the training of my horses. I prefer to end the day with a pizza quattro formaggi, a nice television series with my girlfriend and the dog on the sofa

Who would you like to say THANK YOU to?
Every one of my friends and family, who have allowed me to dedicate myself to equestrian sports to such an extent. And all my trainers who brought me personally and on horseback to where I am allowed to be today

What is your greatest strength?
In peace lies the power

What is your most negative trait?
The weakness for the sweet side of life

What do you absolutely dislike?
Be hungry and have to wait for food

Name of the horse?

Its breed?

Some words about character, merits, bad habits?
Aramis is a real character horse, waiting for me every day with a new idea. Every day, he challenges me to adjust my mood and motivation to his daily form. He always takes me to the limits of my riding ability, but just as we keep growing beyond ourselves

What is your professional career/level of education?
After my training as a hoof orthopaedist, I started to work as a sales representative for the company Bentaiga OMEGA Saddles more than 15 years ago. Today I am managing director of the company Signum saddle service and distribute them in the whole German-speaking area. I especially love my profession for being able to let my passion and experience in riding and especially in working equitation flow into my daily work

Your riding philosophy?
I think the mix does it. The training of my horses in jumping, on the cross-country track of versatility and the consistent work in classical dressage as well as the training of trail tasks make the horses a reliable, rideable and motivated top athlete and partner

About your training with Nuno Avelar?
After I thought with Aramis I had already achieved everything that was possible for both of us, Nuno could inspire me for the idea: nothing is impossible. He has motivated me to continue working on our weaknesses and to improve our skills with targeted exercises on each lesson. As a trainer, he always demands full commitment and at the same time respects his student for all abilities he has already achieved. This has brought me to the most successful season we’ve ever had in our career and hopefully will get us through to the 2018 World Cup

Do you have current projects or plans for the near future?
I don’t lack dreams. At the moment all eyes are on the World Cup and I hope to be able to participate as a rider for Germany. My focus is on the best possible training of Aramis to deliver the best performance. With my junior horse I would like to work on my dressage skills and hope to be able to ride my first S-dressage in tailcoat this year

Why will Germany win?
Because nothing is impossible

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