The interview with Thomas Türmer – The first team rider introduces himself!

Few words – straight to the point!

Who doesn’t know him? Thomas Türmer, an unusual rider who will lead the German national team WE as team captain to the world championships in 2018. His ride with Orlando captivates all through his lightness and elegance, and a lot of POWER!
In the past the two have already proved their worth, and are therefore considered a great hope for the 2018 world championship.
The WEN is pleased that Thomas Türmer took the time for the pleasant interview and wish him lots of luck for his trip to the world championships

Your name?
Thomas Türmer

When were you born?
In  1965

What is a perfect daily routine to you?
There are no bad days for me. For me all days are good! It always depends on oneself, on what one makes from one day.

To whom would you like to say THANK YOU?
My wife Sonja for the constant support!

What do you consider to be your best skill?
It is at the same time my biggest weakness I am never satisfied! This is whateads me further.

Your is your most negative trait?
My never ending discontent with myself.

What do you absolutely dislike?

Name of your horse?

Its Breed?
Trakehner/Westphalian’s mix.

Some words about its character, Advantages, bad habits?
Orlando is simply a brilliant mate a brother

What is your professional career / educational level?
During my education,  by the state, I have  checked horse shoeing smith with E.Peter Frey (co-trainer of J. C. Dysli) the Californish horsemanship

Through the study of the  old and the  new riding masters, I developedmy own style“ of the working equitation.  By the connection of ground work, work on the hand and education under the saddle I try to train a roadworthy and reliable partner suited for everyday life.
The aim of my education is a harmonious teamwork between rider and horse, in which the Teamwork comes first. I transmit this knowledge now in numerous courses, on our team and in the whole German-speaking space.

Your philosophy in horse riding?
So much as urgently so little as possible
About your training with Nuno Avelar?
It is Interesting.

Do you have any actual Projects or Plans for the near future?

Why makes the German National Team the winning team?
Because the luck stands on our side!


More Informations about Thomas Türmer you will find here … -> Working-Equitation-Team

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