Interview with Mitja Hinzpeter – the sixth cadre Rider introduces himself!

Knight Riding – Fire Show – Garrocha Riding – Working Equitation –
NO problem for this couple!

A man and his Mare, a couple that is at home on every stage – be it theatre, equitana or working equitation!
The two of them are real all-rounders, show talents – a refreshing performance from Hessen and „old hands“ in working equitation which can look back on many successes.
Not everyone can handle a mare – Mitja can do it!

WEN thanks you for the interview and keeps her fingers crossed for Decision 2018!

Your name?
Mitja Hinzpeter

When were you born?

What does a perfect day look like to you?
A good day for me as a self-employed person, is a day where I managed to do everything that was in my calendar in the morning…. when I have days off all the days are perfect. Especially the ones where I spent a lot of time with my daughter and my horses

Who would you like to say THANK YOU to?
I would like to take this opportunity to thank Hans-Martin Steisslinger. He has been training me on my horses for many years

What is your greatest strength?
My feeling and my good nerves

What is your most negative trait?
My impatience

What do you absolutely dislike?
When I have to put too much pressure on horses to get good results during training, for my feelings…..

Name of the horse?
Santana GP

Its breed?

Some words about character, merits, bad habits?
She is very wealthy and is full of heart, very brave and quick as lightning. Unfortunately, she is very moody as a mare (but gets better every day) and fortunately she says less and less, but still every now and then, from the bottom of her heart, no…

What is your professional career/level of education?
I have been working as an independent blacksmith for 20 years and for about 5 years I have also been giving weekend courses. My greatest riding successes were a German runners-up in 2013, third place in 2012 and 2016, the two international team titles – 2014 overall runners-up overall team world champion and Team World Champion cattle, 2016 overall team vice-champion and Team European Champion cattle

Your riding philosophy?
Always as little as possible, and as much as necessary

About your training with Nuno Avelar?
The Training with Nuno is very helpful

Do you have current projects or plans for the near future?
My immediate goal is to slip from the squad into the team and start at the world championships

Why will Germany win?
Because we have all trained well and our horses are well prepared….

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