Interview with Mirjam Wittmann – the fifth cadre Rider introduces himself!

With Bavarian cordiality on the way to a decision!

Mirjam Wittmann is a woman who belongs to Working Equtation like the mountains belong to Bavaria. With her unadulterated and direct manner, she wins the hearts of the spectators and riders. It doesn’t matter if it’s a „ship“ of a warmblood horse or a nimble Spanish horse – she always plays at the front!

WEN wishes continued success for 2018 and is keeping its fingers crossed for the selection!


What is your Name ?
Mirjam Wittmann

When were you born?
21.February 1977

What is a Perfect Daily Routine to you ?
When I drive with my faithful companion the Terrier Diego into the stable, my boys whine to me and I can spend good time together with my partner and great pupils and friends. When I have finished working with the most beautiful creatures on earth, come home and a lovable and wonderful man is waiting for me at home

To whom would you like to say THANK YOU ?
My mother Petra Sorger, without her I would never be where I am now.
She is my best friend and advisor and has shaped me for the first 20 years of my life as a rider.

What do you consider to be your best skill ?
Reliability, ambition and perfectionism, to see the positive in everything

What is your Most negative trait?
Self-doubt and not being able to say no

What do you absolutely dislike ?
Like it common to say in Bavaria : Hinterfotzig (connifing)

Name your Horse ?


Its breed ?
Pura Raza Espanola

Some words about its character, Advantages, Bad Habits ?
That’s easy to answer – he is a real Diva

What is your Professional career/ educational level ?
Growing up on a riding farm, it was almost clear that I would become a horse girl, my first tournaments I competed with my purebred Arabian pony and then my mother had to hand over her dressage horses to me. With successes up to the difficult dressage, it was predestined that I will also pursue my professional career with horses. Thus, I completed a horse management apprenticeship and then the master school for equestrian economics as a classical riding education.

It was always important for me to follow the path of the old masters, so my training as a rider was very much influenced by the riding master Günther Festerling. My trainer Jochen Leicht, who has been with me for many years and is also a current trainer, is of course a Festerling pupil.
I discovered my love for working equitation in 2013 on Horse International, my first start was in 2014 with my Lusitano stallion Junco also on Horse International.
My aim as a trainer is to create a good team of riders and horses, to give them pleasure in their work and to master problems successfully. I try to teach this in numerous courses and my permanent students


Your Philosophie in horse riding?
Committed to sport, dedicated to horses
For a careful handling of the horse, adapted to the physical and psychological conditions and thus a better riding experience suitable for horses.

Your thoughts about your Training with Nuno Avelar ?
He is an experienced working equitation rider with many good tips, his international experience is a great enrichment for the German squad

Do you have any actual Projects or Plans for the near Futures ?
At the moment, the complete attention is focused on the training of my successful horse Kiro, which is provided to me by Rebecca Declara, thank you very much!

What makes the german National Team the winning Team ?
We are a well-coordinated and harmonious team, with a great variety of top riders.
Moreover…….. it’s our turn

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